"The mind has great influence over the body."

Jean Baptiste Moliere

When I met Stacey Devine for my first session, my visit was primarily to treat my back pain.  As she went through her initial diagnosis, we also discussed my past injuries and general pathology.  As she went through her assessment, she immediately connected the dots to my back pain and a chronic foot pain injury that I had been advised to have surgery on to alleviate the problem.  Thanks to her knowledge of the body and ability to treat in a holistic manner, I no longer suffer from the foot pain and my back feels great!  As a full-time golf instructor, being on my feet 10+ hours a day without back and foot pain has been a godsend!

Bernie Najar

PGA Director of Instruction,

Caves Valley Golf Club

In early December 2002, I fell and injured my back and knee. I went to a chiropractor for two weeks receiving no relief. A friend referred me to Stacey Devine. At the end of December I had my first visit with Stacey and was amazed at the relief I felt after only one visit. It was as if I felt 50 percent better. After two more visits with Stacey, I was completely 100 percent better. Stacey’s hands are touched by God in my opinion. I have in turn referred a friend of mine to her and he feels the same way as I do. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to her in the future.

Michael C.

Reisterstown, Maryland

I am a breast cancer survivor. I had a reconstructive mastectomy. The day after surgery I developed a large hematoma under my left armpit, which prevented me from starting the exercises suggested. I then went

through physical therapy and was not satisfied with the results of only 90 percent range of motion on my left side. I first met Stacey Devine in June. She was recommended to me by a massage therapist. After the very first visit I was amazed at the release and freedom that I achieved with her “hands on” therapy.

With Stacey, I was able to meet my goal of achieving complete range of motion on my left side. Stacey has a “gift” that I have not experienced with any other physical therapist. I continue to see her periodically to keep my body tuned and in balance.

Kathleen S.


I have found Stacey to be so effective that I have sent to her no less than 10 of my employees and numerous other referrals. Many of them have stated to me that she has “magic hands”.

Edward S.

Owings Mills, Maryland

In 2000, I gave birth to my first child through a difficult, vacuum-assisted birth without an episiotomy. My skin ripped, and I ended up with over a 100 stitches, which eventually formed some very painful scar tissue.

In 2001, I underwent surgery to repair the scar tissue, and it was ultimately unsuccessful. In 2002, I had a second surgery, after which I was referred to Stacey Devine for follow up physical therapy. Stacey’s physical therapy work was outstanding. Her professionalism made me feel comfortable in what began as a very embarrassing experience for me. She provided me with detailed instructions for home care and she demonstrated patience and great cheerleading skills when I was feeling frustrated. Stacey was available for questions or follow up whenever needed, and she offered a good deal of flexibility in scheduling to meet my travel needs. I saw Stacey regularly for several months, and continued to consult with her as needed on an ongoing basis. Two years later, I credit Stacey with 75 percent (more than the surgeon himself !) of the ultimate success of my last surgery.

Thank you Stacey!

Laura E.

Salisbury, Maryland

It is really great after all these years to stand up straight, walk with the correct posture and feel confident with my physique. It is amazing at 61 years of age you can still reverse 40 plus years of poor posture. Stacey has removed obstacles that I thought would be with me forever. Generally speaking, I feel better than ever in my skin, thanks to the help of Stacey’s “Angel Hands”.

Betty C.

Cockeysville, MARYLAND

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